The 2014-2015 house project is located in the St Clair Superior neighborhood, on the east side of Cleveland. The neighborhood is comprised largely of housing stock 80 or more years old. In recent years many of these houses have been demolished as the city continues to lose population.

The house is located just south of St Clair Ave, on a block with a number of other vacant houses and lots. The St Clair corridor was traditionally a major commercial hub for Cleveland's Slovenian population, and some businesses reflecting this heritage still exist along the street. St Vitus Churchand St Martin de Porres High School are also in close proximity to the house.  Other neighborhood standouts include Sterle's Country House, a Slovenian beer hall and the home of the monthly Cleveland Flea.

The St Clair Superior Development Corporation, our primary partner on Design/REbuild, has recently been involved in a number of creative initiatives to spark interest and development in the neighborhood. In addition to the highly successful Flea, SCSDC has also spearheaded Upcycle St ClairEdible History, the Urban Grazing Program, and the Loft Home Rehabilitation Pilot Project, which was a strong inspiration for the vision for the studio. Many of the students' initial design and programmatic ideas for the house and its surrounding neighborhood drew directly from these existing initiatives.